Cercueil “Bad Posture” Nouvel EP / Clivage Music

Cercueil “Bad Posture” Nouvel EP / Clivage Music

Cercueil joins the Clivage family and release Bad Posture, a techno-pop EP both dark and experimental, with an industrial, magnetic feel.

Bad Posture, the new EP from Cercueil, could be described as a mix of genres, somewhere between electronica, pop and krautrock. In four cold and tribal tracks, this new project summarises the raw and fascinating style of the duo, with saturated synths, ethereal breaks and enveloping vocals. Cerebral and intense, the EP draws us into a troubled world filled with myth and enigmatic characters.

The dark rhythmic cavalcade of Suchness invokes an intimate, organic trance, sliding through time, guided by the dreamlike voice of Pénélope.
Cold and mystical, the EP’s eponymous track Bad Posture makes us want to perform an industrial, anxiolytic dance. Described by the duo as a representation of the instability and fragile equilibrium in a time of transition, it’s the perfect representation of duality, without it being clear whether this is linked with our relationship with others, or the feeling we all have inside.
Like a dream filled with melancholy where time is suspended, the much slower Silent Passenger invites us to take time to observe the world around us and try to understand it better.
As for The Run, its inexhaustible race towards remoteness transports us hurtling along the headlight-illuminated roads of David Lynch’s Lost Highway, the track’s frenetic rhythms reminiscent of a movie’s closing credits, as we wait for the next instalment.

Bad Posture can thus be listened to like an initiatory journey to discover oneself and others, guided by the bewitching voice of Pénélope and the duo’s dark, eclectic production.

Listen to Bad Posture here: https://idol-io.link/BadPosture