Puce Moment « Epic Ellipses » nouvel album / label Sub Rosa

Puce Moment « Epic Ellipses » nouvel album / label Sub Rosa

Sortie le 24 mars 2023
Sub Rosa  / SRV534
LP Black Vinyl

Tracklisting LP

side 1
01. Allotropia 9’08
02. Sykil  8’44
side 2
03. Motor  9’43
04. Taifuu 11’20



« it doesn’t matter what the film is, you can forget it or not. this almost antique thing where fabrics are scrolling, and the lighting and the fact of filming with what you have at hand, is it possible?
it seems so. the vague memory of the film. but everything here is more vast, slower. deeper, the titles are only pretexts. the slowness on the other hand runs deep. for it is in this slowness (one never knows what will happen) that one can feel oneself losing one’s footing. and when we are lost, voices appear. voices whose only reference would be the timeless SeeFeel. although the square is reduced to the line and two points suffice. distant echoes of things half erased that would take back a momentary life – though more vivid – to the shock of the music that crosses us. this is what we call : a moment of lucidity. » Guy-Marc Hinant